The ae domain name administration (aeDA) has recently launched a new website located at http://عربي.امارات/ This is the UAE’s internationalized domain name (IDN) .emarat that has been recently approved by the ICANN as a part of the IDN launch including the Russian and Chinese IDNs.

The website http://عربي.امارات/ which is currently an Arabic version only contains information for the public about the upcoming regulations and conditions governing the new domain name in Arabic.

As for the registration dates, which are at most importance to the domaining industry, the registry has followed a similar move like other registries and is offering the .emarat IDN in 4 different phases:

Phase 1:
Known as the Government Phase
Registration opened: 30/May/2010
Registration through the aeDA only.
Eligibility: All government entities in the UAE are applicable to apply and it has been also heard that the aeDA has made it mandatory for every government body to have thier .emarat domain registration and working.

Phase 2:
Trademark owners
Registration: 27/Sept/2010
Eligibility: Holders of trademarks (company registrations) in the UAE and GCC.
Registration through aeDA accredited registrars.

Note: There will be a separate accreditation process for new and existing registrars to operate in the .emarat zone.

Phase 3:
Exclusive and Special Names
Registration: 15/Nov/2010 through aeDA accredited registrars.
Eligibility: Everyone
Domain names that are requested by more than one party will be auctioned.

Phase 4:
Registration: 11/Dec/2010
Eligibility: Everyone, first come first served basis through aeDA accredited registrars.

This said, mark your calendars and prepare for which ever phase you are interested in to get your exclusive names before everyone else.