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We have been able to uncover even more great .ae domain sales history and whats more incredible is the amount of $$$ that these were sold for!

hotmail.ae >> Sold for ~50,000 AED (US$ 13,660) >>This is awesome!!

vtc.ae (the super fast 4×4 Nissan VTC) >> Sold for 3,000 AED (US$ 820)

22.ae & 33.ae >> 10,000 AED for both (US$ 2732)

All these were sold between March to May 2009!

Those figures are getting crazy for .ae domain names! Still unconvinced?

[Thanks to Mohammad Alhamed for the sources]

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Good news for all domainers out there who have been looking for a safe and secure way of selling and transfering .ae domain names to another party. AEserver.com (aka Engage.ae), a .ae accredited registrar under aeDA has launched this new and exclusive service for both its clients and those who are simply looking for an effective way to sell/buy .ae domain names. The services they provide include: Full advise, brokerage/ payment terms/ registrant/registrar transfer and full escrow. More at http://aedomains.aeserver.com/ae_domains_broker.html

Happy Domaining!

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